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10:07 - 28/01/2011[Darryl Wilksch]
hey Jo, you are awesome and I love the way that you bring your unique music to life

05:55 - 27/04/2010[Emmanuel Nado]
Hey Jo Passi, I am proud of you for spreading African music and culture in the other hemisphere. Congratulations on all your achievement. Stay in touch! and if you want to know what's going on in the san francisco bay area listen to my radio show "Africamix" Thursday night in san francisco.www.kalw.org/listen you still have fans here who love your music everytime it is on the radio.
Keep up the good work.

06:54 - 18/02/2010[Simone Sky]
Hi there
I am interested in your Friday night Brunswick classes starting in March, please keep me in the loop regarding details! Thanks :) bodymovingdc@telstra.com

07:39 - 11/02/2010[Jane S]
Hi Jo and Pam
great to see you on Monday. Big kisses. All the best with Tokolonga.
Love Jane

13:11 - 22/12/2009[BARATH]
Komela ngai ndeko na yo.Na tindeli yo email na facebook a ta eyano.Na moni te o lali te pe o ko bouger mingi.Maboko penza.Na ti elaka te o ko komela ngai na mikolo mi ko ya. Adresse e changea te :roger.biziky@orange.fr

13:12 - 22/04/2009[Pablo]
Hi Passi Jo!
Your music is awesome!! Looking forward to \"going tribal\" this saturday!

Pablo (Melbourne/Uruguay)

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